The original NOVOTE2017 was formed on November 14, 2016 by myself and a friend.
We intended to fight City Hall in their attempts to build an Event Centre. We held many
discussions and formulated a plan before volunteers approached the two of us to become
part of the core group in January 2017.

The core group agreed that we would not have past, present or future politicians involved
- except our financial agent. One person, who had already announced their intent to run in
the next municipal election was asked not to be a part of the core group.
We did have some mentors who helped us but wanted to remain in the background.

NOVOTE2017 was not meant for making personal attacks on councilors,
but rather on the choices they were making.

NOVOTE2017 became a society and was registered with Elections BC. It had a timeline
that came to end on March 11, which it did successfully.

After March 11, all that remained was to get our finances in order. It was determined back
in November that any leftover monies were to be equally divided to Loaves and Fishes,
The Child Development Centre and the 7-10 Club.

Since the end of the campaign, some members of the core group have decided to continue
together to further their political agenda. I do not have any association with their new group.

I would like them to stop using the NOVOTE2017 name and website (which is registered under my name),
other than mentioning it as a past affiliation.

The only registered directors of the NOVOTE2017 Society are Bill Manners (chair),
Don Bonner (spokesperson), and Blake McGuffie (financial officer). Once the financial
matters are dealt with and the books signed off, the Society will have completed it's purpose.

Thanks to all for your hard work and support. There were many who worked hard to achieve the society's goal.
Don Bonner, Sydney Robertson and Rebecca Chan, Allan Davidson and his wife Jennifer, and Gary Weikum
all did excellent work as speakers and were involved greatly with the public.

The many volunteers did a fabulous job and are appreciated more than words can say.

To all, a huge THANK YOU.

Bill Manners